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Ford blend door actuator recall

How much ford blend door actuator recall replacement cost? The bare minimum cost of the ford blend door actuator recall is $130 charged for minor repairs in the system. The maximum qualitative repair will require around $300. The commercial range of charging depends on the level of damage.

Step 1: Take Out The Emulsion Door Selector: Take out the Chevy emulsion door selector near the heater box using a screwdriver, and resolve the wiring clips. The clips may break if they're brittle, so work with a light hand. Press the wiring connector tab, separate the clips and pull it off. There are three. Mode, Temperature blend, and Fresh/recirculate. Mode and temperature are on the left side (steering column side for LHD cars) and recirculate is on the right. The one that typically goes bad is the mode door. Before you go to repair it you can reach up and feel it clicking to confirm you’re replacing the right one.

114 Posts. #16 · Jan 27, 2017. The air inlet door and actuator are buried better than Jimmy Hoffa. When that problem comes into the shop techs scatter like roaches. Noone wants that job. Takes the better part of a day to remove and reinstall. Unless your lucky or plan on having some screws leftover.

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Most 5-wire door lock kits come with the relays; keep that in mind when checking prices Fit 04 05 06 Scion Xb Ac A/c Core Box Dash Door Actuator 87030-52410 448800-6781 - $199 I have tried opening the rear door and pushing the door lock mechanism until it locks shut with a screwdriver e46 330; 328; 335; 2001-2006 M3; 2008-2012 E90/E92/E93 M3; 2015+ F80.

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The blend door actuator mechanism has failed. The failure comes from a gear which strips inside the actuator. As I searched the internet for an answer to this problem I discovered another common problem. The blend door axle can crack and the door falls into the air box. The two probably go hand in hand.

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